Google Video Adds Channels

May 2, 2005

There are lots of product developments happening at Google and I thought you might be interested in the latest. Today, the Google Video team announced the addition of 12 new TV channels including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, CNN, and others to the Google Video search index.

In case you haven’t seen it, Google Video ( launched in January of this year, and enables users to search the content of TV programs, see relevant thumbnail images of the programs, and discover where and when to tune into the programs on television. Google Video, like its sister product Google Print, demonstrates how Google is making measurable progress in making a greater diversity of the world’s information searchable, including that which is not online.

This expansion of the video search index demonstrates the strong momentum of the Google Video program. It’s also a benefit to users who now can search even more video content right from their PCs. For example, a search for [Napa Valley Hotels] will return a list of relevant television programs with thumbnail images and text excerpts from the exact point in the program where the search phrase was mentioned.

This is an important day for the Google Video team as we continue to build-out the product and expand the diversity of the index by including this broad array of TV content. While we’re still in the early beta-phase of Google Video we encourage you take a look and to please send us your feedback.

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