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May 19, 2005

Today, Google announced a strategic initiative we refer to as ‘fusion.’ The goal of this initiative is to bring together Google functionality, and content from across the web, in ways that are useful to our users. Google users have told us they’d like a way to view more of the information they want in a single place. The personalized homepage is the first of a number of approaches we’re exploring to make personalized information more accessible and useful.

To create a personalized homepage, users visit Google Labs and click on the "Personalize Your Homepage" link. They can then build their own Google homepage with content they choose, including Gmail (a preview of new messages), news (headlines from Google News), and driving directions from Google Maps. Users can also add weather, movie and stock information, and feeds from Slashdot, The New York Times, Wired News, BBC News, Quote of the Day, and Word of the Day. The personalized homepage’s innovative design enables users to drag and drop "sections" in order to arrange the page as they want. Once they’ve created their personalized homepage, they view it by signing in to their Google Account from any computer. There’s also a convenient link back to the "classic" Google homepage.

We’re continually evaluating feedback from users to determine what features they might like best. Stay tuned as we roll out more efforts to make personalized information more accessible and useful.

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