Google Code Search

October 5, 2006

Furthering Google’s commitment to building innovative tools and services for the developer community, today Google launched Google Code Search. Google Code Search enables professional programmers, computer science students and code enthusiasts alike the ability to search over billions of lines of the world’s publicly accessible source code. This makes it easier for developers to find sample code and obscure function definitions, which will help them discover code they didn’t know about and increase collaboration within the developer community.

Google Code Search makes public source code accessible that historically has been difficult to find in web search. By crawling data that web search crawlers usually ignore – such as .zip files and source code repositories like CVS and Subversion – we are able to connect users to information that has previously been difficult to access.

For precise searching, users can restrict search queries by programming language, software license, or to a specific software package. Google Code Search also supports advanced regular expression searches, which are way to match patterns of words or characters rather than simple keywords.

Google Code search is available at and on Google Labs, a showcase of a few of our favorite ideas that aren’t quite ready for prime time. We look forward to hearing how this product can be enhanced and improved to better serve our user’s needs.