Netscape Launches Next Generation Internet Search Service

New Netscape-Built Service Combines the Best of Internet Search Based on Netscape’s Innovative Open Directory to Deliver Relevant Results Quickly and Easily

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (June 24, 1999) – As part of AOL’s ongoing strategy to develop the best search products and services that make the Internet easier, faster and more convenient to navigate, Netscape, a subsidiary of AOL (NYSE: AOL), today announced "Netscape Search" – the next generation Internet search service for Netscape’s leading Internet portal, Netcenter. Netscape Search is built on Netscape’s fast growing Open Directory Project and utilizes Netscape Smart Browsing technology, that allows consumers to search the Web using simple words and phrases right from the browser location bar, to deliver accurate and relevant search results quickly and conveniently.

The new Netscape Search is available today at and throughout Netscape Netcenter. By entering a term such as "austin powers," Netscape Search delivers a comprehensive list of relevant results including the official Austin Powers Web site, related Netcenter content and relevancy ranked categories and sites drawn from the more than 675,000 hand selected listings in the Open Directory. The service also features a new cutting-edge technology from Google, Inc. which searches over 60 million additional Internet sites to deliver extremely relevant and high-quality search results.

"Today’s busy Internet user is looking for the fastest and most convenient way to find what they need," said Barry Schuler, president of the AOL Interactive Services Group. "Our goal with Netscape Search is to leverage the growth and breadth of the Open Directory to create a service that’s robust and easily accessible from Netcenter and the browser, so that users can use it anywhere on the Internet."

Schuler continued: "This announcement follows on the heels of our Inktomi agreement to provide Web search services across the AOL network. Netscape Search is a strategic service for a key AOL property, Netscape Netcenter, and is a critical step in AOL’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize how people use Internet search services."

"We are looking forward to working with an industry leader such as Netscape. By incorporating Google’s innovative search technology into Netscape Search the companies will offer one of the best search experiences on the Web," said Sergey Brin, president of Google, Inc. "Google is committed to offering the best search experience for our partners and users."

Netscape Search was built in response to extensive user studies and is designed to offer consumers the features and services they want for navigating the Internet. Netscape Search employs several first of a kind features to offer consumers the following benefits:

Relevant and Up to Date Results

In user testing, Netscape found that what consumers want most in a directory search service are relevant results. In response, Netscape developed a relevancy ranking technology that lists the most likely selections at the top of a results page. Unlike competing directory services that provide cumbersome lists of alphabetically sorted search results, Netscape Search lists the results you want to see first.

Netscape Search is the first Internet search service to employ freshness dating in the reviewed categories and because more than 12,000 contributors are constantly reviewing sites and updating categories, Netscape Search also delivers virtually "no dead links."

Convenient and Fast

Smart Browsing makes Internet search faster and easier by enabling consumers to search the Internet right from Netscape Communicator’s location bar. Simply type the word "search," a space and a term such as "search yankees" or "search health" and Netscape Search will deliver a list of sites and categories related to the subject. Smart Browsing allows consumers to conveniently search from where ever they are on the Internet – avoiding the extra step of going to a search page to enter their search terms.

Comprehensive and Fast Growing List of Sites

Netscape Search is built on Netscape’s Open Directory Project, a fast growing and comprehensive directory of the Internet. Unlike competing closed directories that rely on small in-house editorial teams, the Open Directory empowers the Web community – currently at more than 12,000 contributors – to find and categorize sites based on contributor’s areas of interest and expertise. The Open Directory offers 675,000 sites in over 100,000 categories and from 229 countries in 44 languages.

Become a Contributor and List Your Site

The Open Directory is the world’s first open Internet directory and anyone can apply to become an contributor. Users can also recommend new sites for addition to the directory and with more than 12,000 contributor submitted sites are quickly reviewed and categorized. Finally, Netscape will promote the continued growth of the Open Directory by making it easier for individuals to add to the directory by contacting fellow contributors with the newly integrated AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and ICQ services. Netscape Netcenter is Netscape’s leading portal site that provides users with a home base on the Internet. From Netcenter, users can navigate the Internet, access a broad range of consumer and business content and services, and communicate with others online. The site includes seventeen content channels, a set of leading-edge services including the new Netscape-branded Search, Site Central, Netscape Contact, Netscape SmartUpdate, Software Download, Member Directory, My Netscape personalization service and WebMail.

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