Pixo and Google Partner to Demonstrate Wireless Internet Search from Mobile Phones

Combination of Pixo Internet Microbrowser and Google Search Engine Demonstrates Easy Search and Access to HTML-Based Content

MOUNTAIN VIEW and CUPERTINO, Calif. – September 25, 2000 – Google Inc., developer of the award-winning Google search engine, and Pixo, Inc., a leading developer of wireless software and services, today announced that they are partnering to demonstrate wireless Internet search capabilities from mobile phones. Using the new Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 and Google’s wireless search engine technology, mobile phone users will be able to easily search and access HTML-based Internet content.

A common limitation of today’s wireless Web technology is that most Internet-capable mobile phones support Web pages published only in WML. However, because it is compatible with both HTML and compact HTML, the Pixo Internet Microbrowser provides access to the entire Web. Historically, some search engines have struggled to provide results that closely match the context of user inquiries. Through its own advanced technologies, Google also offers search engine technology that provides access to the entire Web, and delivers highly relevant search results in an easy-to-use format. Google is the world’s largest search engine, with over 1 billion Web pages. Through today’s announced partnership, Pixo will demonstrate direct access to the Google search engine with the Pixo Internet Microbrowser.

"Both Pixo and Google are dedicated to creating easy-to-use wireless Internet applications through an open Internet standards approach," said Dave Rothschild, president and CEO of Pixo, Inc. "Working together, Pixo’s Internet Microbrowser 2.0 and Google’s search technology will use the entire Web as a resource to locate desired content."

"Pixo has developed a wireless Internet browser that is both easy-to-use, and optimized for the emerging class of wireless packet data networks," said Sergey Brin, Google president and co-founder. "This alliance represents another strategic milestone in establishing Google as the search engine of choice for wireless Internet users worldwide."

Benefits of Google Search Technology

Designed for Internet users worldwide, Google’s search engine offers web surfers simple, fast, and highly relevant search results for every web-connected computer, including the emerging class of wireless devices such as Palm handheld computers, pagers, and Internet-ready mobile phones. The key benefits of Google’s search engine include its ease of use and clean interface, and highly relevant results. Google is based on a variety of innovative technologies, including sophisticated text matching and its advanced, patent-pending technology called PageRank(TM), which ensures that the most important results always come up first. This scalable approach to search enables Google to get better as the Internet gets bigger.

Benefits of Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 Technology

As a component of the Pixo Platform 2.0, the Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 enables the delivery of valuable wireless services as well as access to the entire Web, with no proprietary gateways required. Operators can therefore reduce their network expenses and eliminate their concerns regarding browser and gateway interoperability. Since the Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 supports standard HTML and compact HTML (cHTML), content providers can also easily leverage their current Internet content to develop new, optimized services for wireless phones. The Pixo Internet Microbrowser allows users to access the millions of pages of Internet content that already exist today, as well as the thousands of sites that have been optimized for wireless phones in Japan. A downloadable version of the Pixo Internet Microbrowser is available at www.pixo.com/download.

About Pixo, Inc.

Pixo is a leading developer of a wireless software platform and services for wireless phone manufacturers, carriers, and content providers. The Pixo software platform integrates Pixo phone software with Internet services, making Web-enabled phones both simple and convenient to use. In turn, Pixo enhances the basic features of today’s voice-oriented phones, while supplementing them with new and compelling Internet applications. The Pixo Platform includes the Pixo Platform Applications, Pixo User Interface Builder, Pixo Application Framework, Pixo Toolbox, Pixo Kernel, Pixo Partner Applications, and components such as the Pixo Internet Microbrowser. Pixo is a privately held company headquartered in Cupertino, California. For more information, visit www.pixo.com.

About Google Inc.

Google exists to provide the world’s best Internet search experience. Google accomplishes this for millions of users daily by delivering a powerful, fast, and easy way to find the most relevant information available. Google’s technological innovations have powered the company to numerous awards, including a 2000 Webby and People’s Voice Award For Best Technical Achievement; Best Search Engine on the Internet from Yahoo! Internet Life; Top Ten Best Cybertech of 1999 by TIME Magazine; Technical Excellence Award from PC Magazine; and Best Search Engine by The Net. A growing number of companies, including Yahoo!, AOL (Netscape), Washingtonpost.com and Red Hat, rely on Google to power search on their websites. A privately held company based in Mountain View, Calif., Google’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital. For the information you need, visit www.google.com.

Google Contact:

David Krane
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Pixo Contact:

Rita Manachi/Text 100 Public Relations
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