Google Local Moves to the Homepage

February 3, 2005

Today, Google announced the addition of a link to Google Local on the Google homepage in the US and Canada. The new placement will make access to the service easier. In addition, users will be able to quickly and easily select the local search results relevant to a search performed on any of the other services on the Google homepage, which include Google Web Search, Image Search, News, Groups and Froogle.

Previously, Google Local was only available directly at or through local search results integrated into Despite the previous placement, the service attracted usage comparable to some of the services already on the homepage. This data demonstrated the user need and the value of the service, which combined to prompt Google to increase access to Google Local through a link on the homepage.

Google Local’s innovative approach to local search combines traditional business listings with relevant information from Google’s 8 billion page web index to deliver local information that matches a user’s interest. This information is complemented by relevant advertising that can be targeted to reach customers in specific regions, cities or neighborhoods through local targeting features that are integrated directly into the Google AdWords advertising program. Since launching the service in March 2004, the Google Local team has continued to enhance and refine the service, including a major upgrade in September that offered a cleaner interface, new mapping capabilities and improved comprehensiveness.

Google Local remains in beta and Google is encouraging user feedback as we continue to add new features and refine the current offering.

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