Google Local Business Center launch

March 15, 2005

Today, Google announced the Google Local Business Center, a free tool for businesses to easily add or update their business listings that appear in Google Local. The Google Local Business Center is available for all businesses in the United States regardless of whether or not their listing already exists in Google Local.

To access this new feature, businesses must visit and request that their Google Local business listing be added or edited. After completing the listing information, businesses will receive a mailer from Google with a PIN. The PIN is used to confirm their addition or requested changes to the Google Local business listing. Various information about a business can be added or edited including address, phone number, hours of operation, type of cuisine, payment accepted, website and email.

The Google Local Business Center enables businesses to more effectively reach consumers searching on Google Local with accurate, useful and up to date information about their business. By enabling businesses to easily add or edit information whenever they like, businesses do not have to worry about outdated content or publishing deadlines. Businesses do not need a website to add a business listing to Google Local through the Local Business Center.

With the addition of the Google Local Business Center, Google takes another step forward in helping users find the local information they need. Recently, Google announced enhancements to Google Local, including the integration of Google Maps. Google Local now also offers reviews of businesses and additional information about establishments such as hours of operation, payment types accepted, WiFi availability, restaurant menus, hotel amenities and more.

By combining traditional business listings with relevant information from Google’s index of more than 8 billion web pages, Google Local delivers local information that matches a user’s interest. This information is complemented by relevant advertising that can be targeted to reach customers in specific regions, cities or neighborhoods through local targeting features that are integrated directly into the Google AdWords advertising program.

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