Google Maps and Keyhole Integration

April 3, 2005

In a continued effort to connect searchers with the information they need whether it’s across the Internet or in their neighborhood, today, Google announced the integration of Keyhole, a digital mapping service acquired by Google in 2004, into Google Maps. The integration enables Google Maps users to view maps and directions through Keyhole’s satellite and aerial high resolution digital photos. The new functionality is also available on the maps shown through Google Local.

The traditional graphical maps provided by Google Maps are still available through the service, as well as, Google Local. In addition, users can now select ‘Satellite’ mode and see actual overhead views of the area or route they have selected. As with the original Google Maps, the Keyhole maps enable users to zoom in and out, as well as navigate the satellite and aerial high resolution digital maps dynamically in any direction.

Keyhole will continue to offer its Keyhole 2 LT and PRO software products that provide interactive access to a streaming 3D global database of imagery and mapping information.

Today’s announcement demonstrates Google’s commitment to helping users find the local information they want. Other recent enhancements include the integration of Google Local with Google Maps, more robust business detail pages that provide reviews and more in-depth business information, and the addition of a link to Google Local on the Google homepage. Google Maps is available directly through and Google Local is available at or through the "Local" link on the Google homepage.

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