Google Video upload program

April 13, 2005

Today, we launched the Google Video upload program that enables content owners worldwide to upload their digital video files to Google Video.

In case you haven’t seen it, Google Video launched in January of this year, and enables users to search the content of TV programs, see relevant thumbnail images of the programs, and discover where and when to tune into the programs on television. Google Video, like Google Print, demonstrates how Google continues to innovate by making a greater diversity of the world’s information searchable, including that which is not online.

Today’s video upload program is a new project that enables anyone, whether they produce hundreds of videos a year or just a few, to upload their digital video files to Google Video. The program is ideal for anyone who has valuable content and wants to promote it to a wider audience. While we’re not making this content searchable right away, we’ve started accepting videos and will keep you posted as we make progress in developing the product. The content may be reviewed by Google prior to being made available online. Please see our FAQ for more about our requirements. Eventually, we plan to enable users to search, preview, play and purchase videos on Google Video and allow content owners to choose to charge for the video or get wider distribution by giving it away for free.

This is an exciting day for the Google Video team as they build-out the product and expand the diversity of the index with content from major networks as well as small video providers. While we’re still in the early beta-phase of Google Video we encourage you to take a look and please send us your feedback.

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