Mobile Web Search

June 16, 2005

Today Google announced the release of Google Mobile Web Search, a new XHTML-based service that enables people with mobile phones access to an index of web pages specially designed for the mobile phone’s smaller screen size. Many websites have realigned text, graphics, and tables so they’re easy to navigate on a mobile phone.

To benefit from this expanding source of content, users can simply visit via the web browser on their phone, type in their search query, and select ‘Mobile Web (Beta)’ as their search option. For example, professional basketball fans can follow the NBA Finals from just about anywhere by searching for ‘basketball’, selecting ‘Mobile Web Search’ and scrolling through headlines, scores, schedules, and results on’s mobile site.

Google will continue to enhance its mobile service by providing users with better access to more types of information. In addition to Mobile Web Search, Google’s mobile service already includes Google Local, Image Search and Web Search, and Google SMS, a text messaging based service.

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