Blogger for Word

August 16, 2005

Today, Google announced Blogger for Word, a new plug-in from Blogger that enables users to post text from a Microsoft Word document directly to their Blogger blog. As we continually explore opportunities to improve and enhance the Blogger experience, Blogger for Word makes it even easier for our users to post to their blog.

Microsoft Word is a popular application for most computer users. These users who prefer Word’s interface and rich text editing tools can now draft and edit their blog posts within the program. Blogger for Word is a simple way for people to compose their blog posts, whether they’re online or off.

When users download and install Blogger for Word from they will see a toolbar in Microsoft Word where they can:

  • Publish a post to their Blogger blog
  • Save a post as an unpublished draft
  • Edit recent posts

Blogger for Word is compatible with versions of Windows XP/2000 and Microsoft Word 2000 and up.

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