Google Mobile Enhancements

August 31, 2005

Today, Google announced several new features that further improve and enhance our users search experience from their mobile phone or device.

When users visit from their mobile device, they can now quickly and easily find information about movie showtimes, weather, and stock quotes. For example, by typing [movies phoenix az], users can see a list of movies showing in the Phoenix, Ariz. area listed above the Google search results. Similarly, a search for [weather 90007] will display a four-day weather forecast for Los Angeles, Calif., and a search for a ticker symbol will display stock quotes above the Google search results. For users with text messaging capabilities on their mobile device, they may use Google SMS to have this type of quick information sent directly to them.

Recognizing that time and convenience are key for users on the go, Google also added a search preferences feature for its mobile users, linked directly from the Google homepage. Using this feature, users can set and save their interface language, SafeSearch, and page display settings all in one place.

Additionally, Google users will soon be seeing more web page results specifically designed for their mobile phones and devices. Through Mobile Sitemaps, web developers can submit their mobile web pages for inclusion in Google’s mobile web index, enabling users to see more relevant results using Google Mobile Web Search. More information can be found at

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