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August 9, 2005

Today Google added a new feature to Google News that enables users to receive Google News results as RSS or Atom feeds in their feed reader of choice. With RSS and Atom feeds, users can view updates from Google News, as well as other news websites they’re interested in, in one location, making it easier to keep up on breaking news from multiple sources.

Starting this morning, users who visit any English language Google News page will see RSS | Atom links. When a user has a feed reader installed, clicking on either of these links will generate a feed of current stories related to the page they’re looking at. In addition, many feed readers can also "auto-detect" the feed and import it into the reader automatically. Google News feeds are similar to Google Alerts whereby readers receive headlines and teasers with a link to click through directly to the news source to read the full story.

Users can access Google News feeds four different ways:

  1. Google News section feeds: users can get a feed for any Google News section by clicking on a feed link while they’re on that page. If they’re on the Business page, for instance, they’ll get a feed of business news.
  2. Google News search results feeds: users can also get a feed for any search they do on Google News by clicking on the Atom or RSS link on the left-hand side of their search results page and pasting the resulting URL into their feed reader.
  3. Customized news feeds: users can create a feed of a customized news page (in English), by creating a customized news page, clicking on the Atom or RSS link, and pasting the resulting URL into their feed reader.
  4. News feeds on a Google personalized home page: finally, users can add a Google News feed to their Google personalized home page by clicking "Add Content," then "Create a Section," then pasting the feed URL into the empty field.

Although the use of news feeds is still early in the adoption phase, we’ve actually received a significant number of user requests for this feature. Adding support for RSS and Atom feeds further extends the accessibility of Google News and represents another achievement in Google’s ongoing focus to help users find, organize and access more of the information they want.

For reference, Google News is a comprehensive news search service that enables users to view up-to-the-minute news headlines from thousands of news sources and related photos from around the world. Google News is currently available in 22 regional editions in 9 languages. We’re excited to offer support for RSS and Atom feeds in 6 countries in English: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and India. Google News is a free service and we do not currently show targeted Google advertisements on these pages.

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