AdSense Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up

November 22, 2005

Today, Google announced Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up, a new feature that enables AdSense publishers to sign up advertisers directly from their pages. With this feature, a publisher’s Google ad units will display an ‘Advertise on this site’ link that takes interested advertisers to a landing page where they can quickly create an AdWords ad exclusively targeting that publisher’s site. Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up complements publishers’ sales efforts by enabling them to accommodate smaller advertisers that aren’t economically feasible for their sales force to manage. The feature also provides advertisers with new opportunities to reach targeted audiences online.

The new feature is an extension of Google’s site-targeted advertising, which was launched earlier this year. As with site-targeted ads generated through Google AdWords pages, ads created through Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up will compete in the same auction as all other Google ads, including keyword CPC text and image ads, and site-targeted CPM (cost-per-thousand impression) text and image ads. As a result of this increased competition, publishers can only increase their revenue from Google ads.

Beginning today, advertisers can customize the landing page advertisers will see with their logo, color scheme and site description. More information about Onsite Advertiser Sign-up can be found at:

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