Froogle Local

November 22, 2005

Let’s face it. There’s bravery, and then there’s brave enough to hit the mall the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks to a new feature in Froogle, Google’s shopping search engine, shoppers can now find that must-have gift at a store in their neighborhood without running all over town.

Today Google announced the addition of local merchants’ content to Froogle By entering the item you’re looking for and your location information, Froogle will show locations nearby that offer the product and pinpoint the stores on a map. So, whether a user wants to order it online or run out and grab it for a holiday party the same evening, Froogle can help.

At the time of launch, Froogle will include local content from several hundred merchants across the country. Froogle also makes it easy for local merchants to enter their own product inventory even if they don’t have e-commerce capabilities. Merchants can simply upload a file containing information about their products by visiting

In addition to local content, Froogle now offers users brand and related-search suggestions for quickly narrowing results. As always, Froogle still includes convenient shopping list and wish list features that will come in handy for the holidays. In addition to searching for gifts, you can do a little shopping for yourself, add items to your wish list, and share it with others.

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