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December 15, 2005

Today, Google announced the availability of Gmail Mobile, enabling Gmail users quick and easy access to their Gmail account from their mobile devices. Whether waiting in the airport or scurrying for last minute holiday shopping, Gmail users will no longer have to worry about missing important email.

To access Gmail Mobile, users simply visit through the web browser on their mobile phone and sign in to their Gmail account as they would on the web. Because every mobile device is different, Gmail Mobile automatically optimizes the interface based on the phone. Users can also view attached photos and documents from their phone, and reply-by-call to people whose phone number is stored in their Gmail account. Gmail messages are automatically synchronized, regardless of whether Gmail is accessed from Gmail Mobile or the web.

Gmail Mobile is currently available for free for mobile phone users in the US.

The service works with most web-enabled mobile phones, but users should check with their carriers on their data service plan to determine if there are additional charges for web access.

In addition to Gmail Mobile, Google has recently introduced other features to further enhance the Gmail experience, including:

Quick links that identify addresses and package tracking numbers in emails and displays them to the right of users’ Inbox so they can more easily access maps, directions, or tracking information with a single click.

  • Gmail Web Clips, which appear at the top of the Gmail inbox and enable users to read Google News, a friend’s blog, or any RSS or Atom feed from their Gmail account.
  • Anti-virus protection that automatically scans messages with attachments.
  • The ability to view attachments in HTML instead of downloading to the desktop or mobile phone.
  • A vacation auto-responder, which enables users to automatically notify people when they’re away from email or unable to respond.
  • The option to create contact groups, one of the most highly-requested Gmail features.

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