Google Talk Federation

January 17, 2006

Delivering on its commitment to user choice and open standards, Google today announced that its Google Talk service is now fully interoperable with other communications services that support the server-to-server XMPP protocol. This open interoperability, also known as federation, enables any communications service provider to connect to Google Talk so respective users can talk to each other.

Many service providers worldwide support XMPP federation today, as well as thousands of active XMPP-based communications services run by major corporations, ISPs, universities, and individual users. Some of these service providers supporting XMPP federation include, Earthlink, Sipphone’s Gizmo Project, Chikka (Philippines), MediaRing (Singapore), Tiscali (Italy), and Netease (China).

Email is an example of a federated network that enables people to communicate with one another, regardless of their email provider. Open interoperability is the first step towards bringing a similar level of openness and user choice to instant messaging and VoIP, and with today’s deployment of open server-to-server federation, Google Talk is enabling millions of people worldwide to communicate with each other instantly.

More information about Google Talk can be found at and

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