Google News for mobile devices

February 28, 2006

Today, Google announced the availability of Google News for mobile devices, further demonstrating Google’s focus on making the mobile phone a more convenient and reliable device for accessing useful and relevant information while on the go. Whether waiting in the doctor’s office, riding the train to work or standing in line at the local market, mobile phone users will now be able to search and read the latest headlines quickly and easily on their web-enabled mobile devices.

Google News offers quick headline updates, the ability to search current news and browse categories that enable quick and easy access to the news that matters most to individual users. To access Google News, users simply visit on their mobile phone’s web browser, and click the link to Google News. Users will then be directed to links and headlines for the top news stories.

Once an article has been selected, users are sent directly to the news source. Google News also provides users with the option to browse through quick links to specific news categories such as Business, Science/Tech, Sports, Health, and Entertainment. Only sources whose content has been designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices are displayed, ensuring that users can quickly and easily read the news they want.

Google News is currently available in the U.S., and we are exploring opportunities to make the service available in other international markets.

For more information about Google News for mobile devices see the Reviewer’s Guide at To learn more about any of the other products in Google’s comprehensive suite of mobile services, visit

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