Google Adds Secure Search Across Popular Business Applications

Partnerships with Cognos, Oracle,, SAS and others will offer businesses first real-time secure search of corporate data from Google enterprise search box

Mountain View, Calif. – April 19, 2006 – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the new Google Search Appliance, featuring Google OneBox for Enterprise, developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading enterprise applications vendors. Google OneBox for Enterprise – one of many new features of the Google Search Appliance – gives corporations secure access to information in any application in the enterprise from the convenience of the Google search box.

“OneBox” refers to the process of typing a query into for specific category information, such as airline flight times, local weather, or stock prices. With Google OneBox for Enterprise, corporate information – such as contact and calendar info, HR benefits, sales leads, or purchase order status – is now instantly searchable through a Google search box as part of the Google Search Appliance.

“With Google OneBox for Enterprise, businesses can unlock virtually all their information – securely and simply – using the familiar Google interface,” said Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager of Google’s enterprise business. “With the help and cooperation of many of the world’s leading enterprise application vendors, search is breaking down the silos of information inside of businesses.”

New Partners Develop Extensions to OneBox for Enterprise

Google OneBox for Enterprise functionality was developed by Google as well as by some of the world’s leading enterprise companies, including:

  • Cisco– integrate rich-media conference information from Cisco MeetingPlace Express, a component of Cisco’s Unified Communications system.
  • Cognos– key business intelligence data and performance metrics, such as sales growth, gross margins, employee productivity.
  • Employease–on-demand HR information including employee, benefits, recruitment and performance information.
  • NetSuite– customer, product, financials, and business dashboards.
  • Oracle– access to HR, ERP, CRM, and SCM applications across Oracle E-Business Suite, including personal information, managerial performance, and corporate services.
  •–leads, opportunity status, contact and account information – any data in Salesforce or AppExchange applications.
  • SAS– enterprise business intelligence including key information in data, reports and analysis.

To learn more about Google OneBox for Enterprise and see a Google Video of what executives at some of these companies have to say about it, please go to

New Enterprise Developer Program Open to All

This new Google OneBox for Enterprise API, and all of the development interfaces are open to the community of developers, system integrators or ISVs interested in making information more accessible from a search box with the Google Search Appliance. Google is also announcing the Google Enterprise Developer program, a community site where developers can get access to Google Enterprise SDKs, documentation, and post their work for sharing with other customers, partners, and developers.

Google partners LTech Consulting and SADA Systems have developed OneBox modules to enable access to employee directory and calendar information from Microsoft Exchange. Google partner BearingPoint has developed OneBox modules that provide access to SAP and Peoplesoft, plus access to employee contact information in LDAP directories. Google partner Persistent Systems has developed a OneBox module for directory and calendar information in Lotus Notes. All of these Google OneBox for Enterprise modules are free for download from the Google Enterprise Developer forum.

For more information, technical specs for developing OneBox for Enterprise extensions, and the full OneBox for Enterprise module gallery please go to

New Features For Enhanced Reach, Security, Relevancy, and Performance

The new Google Search Appliance includes a wealth of new features designed to improve the security, relevancy, reach and performance of enterprise information, specifically:

  • Reach
    Google OneBox for Enterprise extensions add searchable content from any business application
    Native File System crawler reaches all content in Windows-based file systems (more than 220 file types such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc)
  • Security
    Expanded enterprise security and authentication, including LDAP and standard SAML interfaces
  • Quality
    Enhanced search relevancy through context-sensitive stemming and synonyms, learned from billions of searches on
    New index of external metadata repositories in document and content management systems
  • Performance
    Up to 25 queries per second on one server (500 percent increase)
    Up to 3 million documents on a single server (100 percent increase)

These features, including Google OneBox for Enterprise, are available as part of the new Google Search Appliance or as free upgrades to current version 4 customers. To learn more about the Google Search Appliance, please visit

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