Japan Mobile Ads

April 7, 2006

Today, Google launched mobile ads in Japan, our first ads offering to mobile phone users. Now, when users in Japan search with Google on their mobile device, ads relevant to their search keywords will display on their result pages. Google mobile ads connect users who are actively looking for information with relevant and timely services and products.

Similar to ads that display in search done on a PC, Google mobile ads are text based. Rather, than displaying on the side, however, mobile ads display on the top and bottom of the search result page. The user can jump to the advertiser’s mobile webpage by clicking the link provided or can make a call directly to the advertiser just by clicking the "call" link in the ad.

Google continues to focus on making the mobile phone a more convenient and reliable device for accessing useful and relevant information while on the go. Google mobile ads provide a new way for Japanese mobile users to find the information they are looking for.

Google mobile ads also provide an opportunity for advertisers to expand their reach. Just like existing AdWords for the PC, advertisers can bid for keywords that will bring potential customers to them. The advertiser will be charged when a user clicks on the link to their mobile website or the "call" link.

For more information regarding Google mobile ads, please visit mobile.google.co.jp/mobile_ads.

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