Wanted: Best break-up stories on Google Video

May 16, 2006

Share video content instantly and easily with new web-based video upload features

Starting today, Google is asking users to post their funniest, most ridiculous or compelling break-up stories on Google Video. In the spirit of the romantic comedy, The Break-Up, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, Google Video and Universal Pictures are teaming up to give users a chance to tell all.

Through June 2, users can upload videos of their favorite break-up tales to video.google.com/thebreakup.html. Check the site daily for new videos that might make your own look tame. User videos will also have the opportunity to make the "Featured Videos" section where the best and most popular videos will be showcased.

"Google Video is the perfect venue for moviegoers to vent their romantic frustrations and create excitement for The Break-Up, one of the most anticipated movies of this summer season," said Doug Neil, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures. "Google Video makes it very easy for users to post their break-up war stories or other video content."

Also today, Google is making it even easier for users to upload and share videos using Google Video. Now users can click the "Upload and share your own videos" link on any Google Video page, and upload their videos in two simple steps. Users will no longer have to download or install any software to upload a video. Videos are instantly available to users so they can share them with friends and family and embed them on blogs and community websites.

For more information about Google Video, visit video.google.com.

For more information about The Break-Up, visit www.thebreakupmovie.net.

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