New Google Analytics Reports Now Integrated with Google AdWords

June 27, 2006

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to provide more useful reporting information to advertisers, today we are introducing two new reports for Google Analytics, the AdWords Analysis report and the AdWords Keyword Positions report. Both reports are tailored specifically for AdWords customers, but will appear in all Google Analytics accounts. These reports represent another step towards increased integration between AdWords and Analytics reporting. These new Google Analytics reports expand on previous integrations between Google Analytics and AdWords including the ability to automatically track AdWords campaigns. As with previous AdWords reporting, these new reports are populated with data imported directly from the AdWords account linked with the Analytics account. It is done automatically without manual tagging of keywords or uploading of data, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

More about the AdWords Analysis report

The AdWords Analysis report displays the return on investment for every Campaign, Ad Group, and keyword in an AdWords account. The report is useful for advertisers as they monitor and optimize their Ad Groups and keywords. ROI is calculated using AdWords keyword costs and goal or e-commerce values specified by the advertiser within Analytics.

More about the AdWords Keyword Positions report

For each keyword that an advertiser has purchased, the AdWords Keyword Positions report displays conversion information correlated by paid search result position. The report can be useful for advertisers in determining the value of keywords and their bid amounts in relation to their actual position on Google search results pages. It can be used in conjunction with the Position Preference feature within AdWords to actually optimize around ad position: the AdWords Keyword Positions report in Google Analytics shows which position works best for a keyword and then, with Position Preference in AdWords, that position can actually be selected as a target.

We’re also pleased to report that we’ve improved the response time for new signups. Now advertisers who request an invitation for Google Analytics can expect to receive one within as little as a few days.

For more information, please visit the Google Analytics Blog: or go directly to the Google Analytics homepage:

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