Instant Access Now Available for Google Analytics

August 15, 2006

Google is pleased to report that we have removed the wait to receive Google Analytics accounts. Now anyone with a website can instantly create a free Google Analytics account simply by visiting or by clicking on the "Analytics" tab within AdWords. After creating an account, we suggest reading the installation guide to get the account set up quickly and correctly.

Google Analytics provides actionable information to advertisers, publishers, and website owners to help them understand visitor behavior and create a better user experience. Our hope is that over time, this will improve the user experience on the internet as a whole.

When Google Analytics was launched in November 2005, it was the first time an enterprise-class web analytics product had been offered for free. We also made it available in 16 languages to anyone with a website, not just AdWords customers. The demand far exceeded our projections so that we had to implement an invitation model for new sign ups, which included wait time. Over time, we gradually reduced the wait time, even as demand for Google Analytics accounts increased. Today we are happy to announce that any website owner who wants an Analytics account can get one, without any wait whatsoever.

Google Analytics is deeply integrated with the AdWords advertising service and can be accessed by clicking the Analytics tab in any AdWords account. Technical support is available in 16 languages. Additional educational and support materials include our Conversion University, our Help Center, and our global professional services network of Google Analytics Authorized Consultants.

For more information, please visit the Google Analytics Blog or go directly to the Google Analytics homepage.

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