Website Optimizer Now Available in Beta for AdWords Advertisers

October 18, 2006

Google is always considering new ways to help advertisers make smart business decisions and increase the return on their marketing investments. Today at the Emetrics Summit in Washington, D.C., Google announced the beta launch of a new tool, Website Optimizer. Website Optimizer is designed to help AdWords advertisers test different landing pages in order to determine which one drives the most conversions – whether they are sales, sign-ups or downloads. This multivariate landing page optimization tool enables marketers to test different ideas for variations of headlines, promotional copy, or images and provides easy-to-read graphs showing which variation resonated best with their site visitors.

The beta launch of Website Optimizer is a limited release that is offered to AdWords advertisers on a sign-up and acceptance basis. Website Optimizer is fully integrated with Google AdWords and is free to AdWords advertisers. By giving website owners the tools they need to improve their website content, Google is helping improve user experience on the internet as a whole.

Any advertiser who is interested in increasing conversions on their website will find Website Optimizer useful. It is a self-service tool that enables non-technical users to set-up and run multivariate landing page experiments. Website Optimizer uses Google Analytics technology for tracking and reporting which landing page variation had the highest conversions.

Google is collaborating with partners to leverage their expertise to provide a range of professional, consulting and implementation services for customers. For example, we’re working closely with EpikOne and Optimost, who include Website Optimizer within their suite of professional services offerings.

"As a Web and Search Analytics Consultancy we help clients identify the key conversion elements of their site,” said Alex Broussard, Vice President, EpikOne, “Google’s Website Optimizer enables us to quickly and confidently implement our recommendations and determine the best placement for those elements."

"We are excited to be working with Google on the launch of their Website Optimizer tool. Website Optimizer will provide an exceptional opportunity for companies of all sizes to experience the benefits of multivariable testing. The Website Optimizer tool will fit perfectly within our portfolio of technology and services," said Mark Wachen, CEO of Optimost.

This tool does not require consulting or professional services to implement. By allowing site visitors to determine what content is most useful, as indicated by the highest conversion rate, we are removing the guesswork and trial-and-error experiments that used to be the norm for determining landing page optimization.

For more information, please visit the Google AdWords Blog: or the Google Analytics Blog:

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