Google Enterprise Search Superstar Award Celebrates Excellence in Business Search

November 15, 2006

The search is on. Google is looking for the best uses of Google search technology from our enterprise customers.

The Google Enterprise Search Superstar award, launching today, celebrates the people and companies that help make searching inside of business as easy as searching on

Whether they are using the Google Search Appliance to share information in a global company, or the Google Mini to help their small businesses compete against larger ones, Google search customers are finding innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.

But we’ll let the winners speak for themselves. At winners tell their stories in podcast interviews and company profiles.

We created this award to say "thank you" to our customers, share best practices, and demonstrate some great search experiences for business.

The first Superstars we’ve chosen are three companies among the more than 6,000 customers of Google enterprise search products. We will be adding more winners continuously.

All Google Search Appliance and Google Mini customers can submit their own success stories for consideration in the Google Enterprise Search Superstar Award program.

We’ll keep searching for more Search Superstars. And keep sharing our results.

For more information on the awards, please visit

The Google Enterprise team

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