Google Adds New Features to the Google Toolbar for Firefox

December 14, 2006

Firefox users can customize their search experience with the latest version of Google Toolbar

The latest version of the Google Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox® is now available. This new beta version of the Google Toolbar includes new features that enable users to personalize their search experience and browse their favorite content more efficiently.

Google Toolbar was designed to make the Internet easier to use and help people find the information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. With the Google Toolbar, users can access Google search capabilities from any website, without first having to visit the Google homepage. Google Toolbar 3 Beta offers Firefox users all the features of the Toolbar for Internet Explorer and more, including custom buttons, online bookmarks, Google Docs & Spreadsheets integration and new sharing capabilities.

Users can now personalize their Toolbar through the addition of custom buttons. Custom buttons enable users to visit, search and get the latest RSS/Atom feeds from their favorite sites with just the click of a button. For example, news enthusiasts can now add buttons for their favorite news sites and view the latest headlines for each site directly from their Toolbar, putting the information they need at their fingertips, right when they want it.

The new beta version of the Google Toolbar also enables users to create, label and manage bookmarks for their favorite sites with a single click. Bookmarks are now saved to a user’s Google Account, making them accessible from any computer. For example, if a user bookmarks an interesting news article at work that they want to read later, they can now easily access the saved bookmark from their home computer by simply logging in to their Google Account.

With the Google Docs & Spreadsheets ( feature enabled in Toolbar 3 Beta, users can save time by automatically opening files from their browser. Users who turn on the feature can choose up to three ways to open most popular files types in a new Firefox window using Google Docs & Spreadsheets:

  • click a link to a file on a web page
  • drag a file icon from their desktop into the browser
  • double-click on a file icon

Additionally, enhanced sharing capabilities enable users to easily send and share web page content via Gmail, SMS and Blogger by selecting the section of the page they want to share and clicking the new "Send To" button.

Google Toolbar 3 Beta for Firefox is now offered globally in 26 languages. Some features may vary by language and/or region. Google Toolbar 3 Beta is a free downloadable application that requires Windows XP/2000 SP3+, Mac OS X 10.2+ or Linux. Toolbar 3 Beta can be downloaded from

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