Google AdWords Announces New Content Placement Reports for Advertisers

June 12, 2007

In an ongoing effort to provide more transparency to advertisers, Google announced today the availability of a new AdWords report, called a Placement Performance report, which enables advertisers to see the exact sites on the Google content network where their ads appear. Placement Performance reports also provide site-by-site performance metrics – including domain, URL, impression, click, conversion and cost data – as well as aggregated metrics for traffic generated from AdSense for domain sites. With these reports, advertisers have much more insight into their contextually targeted advertising spend and are able to leverage the information to more effectively optimize their campaigns and meet their objectives. Designed in response to advertisers’ requests, Placement Performance reports offer advertisers both increased transparency and greater control over their contextual advertising, which ultimately lead to more relevant ads for users.

With a network of large and small publishers, the Google content network provides unmatched reach and customizable targeting for advertisers online. Now, advertisers who are opted in to the content network can clearly identify high and low-value sites for their particular business, and react accordingly based on their performance to meet their marketing objectives on the content network. With Placement Performance reports, Google makes site-by-site data easily available and actionable to help advertisers get the best possible ROI on the Google content network. Sites that perform particularly well can be targeted more aggressively by implementing complementary features such as site targeting. Conversely, specific sites that convert poorly can be excluded or optimized by refining keywords and ads in campaigns.

The reports can also be coupled with conversion tracking tools, such as the Google AdWords conversion tracking feature or Google Analytics, to give advertisers a better understanding of their holistic online advertising performance. Placement Performance reports are now available to all U.S. advertisers, and are launching globally in all countries in the coming weeks.

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