Google introduces Google Finance tab on iGoogle and Gadgets API for market data

October 24, 2007

Since launching Google Finance, we’ve been listening to user feedback and have added a number of features that offer users more comprehensive financial and stock information in one central location. We’ve rolled out a couple updates to more quickly connect users with the financial information they are looking for:

  • Google Finance tab on iGoogle – A dashboard of financial gadgets created by the Google Finance team, available on iGoogle. Google Finance gadgets are interactive and update dynamically, allowing users to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for in one location. The tab also allows users to add, customize and share their Google Finance experience with anyone they choose – investor buddies, finance enthusiasts, or the whole world.
  • Gadget API for market data – This API provides a framework to enable Google Gadget developers to display stock market information within a Google Gadget.

We know that Google users have diverse and unique interests, particularly when it comes to the world of finance. The pre-populated iGoogle Finance tab offers users useful financial gadgets and the ability to customize their page to match their exact preferences. And for those who have very specific financial interests, developers can now use Google Finance stock information to create gadgets with exactly the information they want such as their own correlation analysis, sector summary, etc.

For additional information on these features, please see our blog post at And as always, Google Finance is a free service, accessible from, the Google Stock Quote feature in web search results, and the ticker symbols on users’ iGoogle pages and Google Desktop sidebars.

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