A Different Way to Bid – Google Expands the Conversion Optimizer for Google AdWords™

January 10, 2008

In an ongoing effort to provide effective advertising options, Google announced today the expansion of the Conversion Optimizer bid management feature. The Conversion Optimizer is a new feature that allows advertisers to meet their ROI objectives by automatically managing their cost-per-click (CPC) bids according to a maximum cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goal. The AdWords system makes adjustments with the aim of keeping the cost of each conversion below the specified maximum CPA bid, showing ads when conversions are most likely to occur. Advertisers can save time while achieving more conversions and a lower CPA. Since the Conversion Optimizer first became available as a beta feature in September 2007, many advertisers who have used it have been pleased with the ability to more effectively promote their products and services online.

"The Conversion Optimizer is a great new bidding option for Steve Madden, as it’s both time and cost-efficient in helping us manage our online advertising budget to meet specific ROI goals," said Frank Siano, internet marketing manager at Steve Madden. "Now that our bids are adjusted automatically, advertising with AdWords is even simpler than before. And because our ads only appear when they’re likely to convert into sales, we’ve seen very high results, such as increasing our daily conversions by 60 percent."

Starting today, advertisers whose campaigns have enabled AdWords Conversion Tracking and accrued at least 200 conversions in the past 30 days will be eligible to use the Conversion Optimizer. The Conversion Optimizer is ideal for advertisers and agencies who want to manage their advertising costs around clear, defined conversion goals.

By using this free feature, advertisers gain more precision and greater control over their advertising budgets. It allows them to simultaneously increase ROI, receive more conversions and save time by automating the bidding process. Ads using the Conversion Optimizer participate in the standard ad auction and are able to show on both Google’s search and content networks.

To learn more about the Conversion Optimizer, which is now available to qualified advertisers worldwide, visit www.google.com/adwords/conversionoptimizer.

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