Google Summer of Code 2008: For the Love of Code

February 25, 2008

We’re kicking off Google Summer of Code 2008, our pioneering program that funds college students to write open source software during their summer vacations.

Over the coming months we’ll be working with open source and free software groups to select hundreds of student projects from thousands of applications. Then, during the summer, we’ll distribute millions of dollars in stipends to the students cranking out the code. Our goal is to increase the world’s supply of open source software while providing young programmers inspiring, meaningful summer jobs.

Since the first Google Summer of Code in 2005, the program has had remarkable success. Last year we connected 900 students with more than 130 open source mentoring groups, including such prominent organizations as Dojo, Python, Samba and Ubuntu. Several past students are still contributing to their projects and many are serving as mentors in this year’s program. Meanwhile, similar programs are springing up all over, including the Finnish Summer Code Program, the GNOME Women’s Summer Outreach Program, the Season of Usability, and game publisher NCSoft’s Winter of Code.

This year’s Google Summer of Code promises to be the most successful we’ve ever held. We’ve extended the program timeline to allow students and mentors to discuss applications before settling in to write them, and we’re continuing last year’s tradition of announcing accepted applicants early to allow students more time to bond with their project communities.

We look forward to applications from organizations and students eager to participate. Applications for organizations open March 3 and close March 12; for students, applications open March 24 and close March 31. Coding will run from May 26 through August 18.

For more information, see the Google Summer of Code FAQ at:

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