Google AdWords™ Announces Single Online Campaign for the Google Content Network

July 17, 2008

In an ongoing effort to provide advertisers with increased control and a simpler, unified interface, Google announced today an enhanced online campaign type that enables advertisers to manage both keyword-targeted ads and placement-targeted ads within one consolidated campaign. Advertisers can now combine keywords and placements in the same campaign to more precisely target where their ads appear on the Google content network and how much they pay for them. The content network is Google’s advertising distribution channel comprised of hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages and blogs that partner with Google to display targeted AdWords ads.

The new feature integrates the functionality of two previously separate campaign types: keyword-targeted and placement-targeted. By adding keywords to placement-targeted campaigns, advertisers can now ensure that their ads show not only on the particular sites they’ve chosen, but also on pages that are relevant to their selected keywords. Likewise, by adding placements to keyword-targeted campaigns, advertisers can now set unique bids for specific sites in the content network.

“Using keywords and placements together has helped us find the right formula to make our campaigns for the content network more effective and profitable,” said Chris Ailey, Internet Search Marketing Manager for PC World. “It allows us to target specific, relevant ad copy to an individual site’s user base and target audience, and also gives us the ability to better target specific products and product areas on a relevant site’s content. Reporting has also been vastly improved, giving us quick and clear reports on exactly which sites are driving impressions and clicks.”

The campaign enhancement is intended for marketers who advertise on the content network – particularly those who frequently optimize their content network campaigns or who do not want to contextually target the entire content network. Starting today, marketers can more easily and efficiently manage multi-targeted campaigns to reach potential customers and better meet their business goals on the content network.

The integrated online campaign was developed in response to advertiser feedback, but is an optional, advanced feature affecting only the content network. Existing campaigns will continue to operate as they have, and advertisers who prefer to target keywords and placements separately may continue to do so. For increased flexibility, the new feature will be available when a new campaign is created or changes are made to existing ad groups.

With the consolidated online campaign, advertisers gain more precision and control over their efforts to effectively reach interested users and target relevant websites on the content network. It is now available to all AdWords advertisers worldwide.

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