Voting Made Simple

October 22, 2008

It’s hard to find an excuse not to vote this election season.

For the first time, technology companies, election officials, and organizations on both sides of the political spectrum are working together to ensure that voters have easy access to election information online and on their mobile phones.

In partnership with state and local election officials, the Voting Information Project ( and the League of Women Voters (, Google has released US Voter Info (, an effort to simplify and centralize election information. With a few clicks, voters can find where to cast their ballots from now until Election Day.

Any group or individual with a website can make voting information available by embedding a simple search box on their site ( You can also get similar results on your mobile phone by going to or searching for the word "vote" with your address on Google Maps for Mobile.

Find more details about our efforts to get out the vote on the Official Google Blog.

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